Gates open at 6:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Gates open at 7:00 PM on Sunday with a full service concession stand for fresh pizza, nachos, grilled goodies, and all your other classic movietime treats.  

Admission: $10.00 for Adult, $5.00 for Ages 3-10. 
Hear our films over your car radio in stereo sound! If sitting outside bring a portable radio. Come relive a favorite American pastime in our time capsule of a generation passed!

                          Enjoy the Drive-In experience 
          You can't beat the Price anywhere for 2 movies.
                     "Watch the Stars under the Stars"
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* If you plan sitting outside your vehicle, bring a portable FM radio    

• Food Permit: We understand that people have food allergies or people prefer to bring food from home or elsewhere. However outside food seriously hurts our ability  to sustain our business. Admissions mostly belong to the studios. We have instituted a $5 food permit for those bringing in food.

*Deliveries to the theatre are strictly prohibited!!

          We are Now Closed for the Season 
                            See Ya in 2022